Backstory-Ground Rules

I am brand new to blogging. (Actually, I only began reading blogs a few months ago. I’m not a Luddite, but my technological inertia level has been rising exponentially over the decades since I bought my first Mac 512–that was 512kb for the youngsters reading this.) Nevertheless, I do know that my job is to make posts worth your while. There is way too much clutter as well as much of real merit in the infosphere. The competition for attention is daunting.

To prepare you for the journey,  here are some logistical (and other) matters that will guide this blog:

  • I will cheerfully steal good ideas from almost anywhere and happily give credit as due. (If I stumble on the credit part, let me know. I have no interest in claiming credit for work that is not my own.)
  • I will ask friends brighter than I (a distressingly long list of people) to serve as guest posters. Some of them may even agree to do so.
  • If you have a good idea, suggest it. And become a “brighter than I” friend.
  • Some posts will touch on sensitive issues. Give me and certainly my colleagues posting here the benefit of the doubt that we are not blithering idiots. Consider that perhaps our definitions of words and our arts experiences make the ideas more reasonable in our contexts than might appear to you on first read. (For instance, the quantity and depth of community engagement work has considerable variation across arts genres and regions.)
    . . . . I will try to do the same for any commenters.

July 30, 2011

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