Understanding Engagement

ArtsEngaged is pleased to introduce a new resource for engagement practitioners. We are making available the content of Understanding Engagement, Unit 1 of our Community Engagement Training course. The Unit is divided into two sections. The first concentrates on definitions and principles of effective community engagement practice. The second addresses objections to community engagement, some of the reasons it is so important to the future of our industry, and how a community engagement focus can realign the mission of arts organizations for a sustainable future without losing any of the essence of our work.

We encourage people to use this resource freely and to share it with colleagues. It would be particularly appropriate for study groups or as a means to introduce people to the basic concepts critical to community engagement.

If you do make use of it, we would love to hear from you about how you used it, questions/suggestions, and observations about the application of the material and the concepts to your work. To do so, email us at CET@artsengaged.com.