Your moment of Zen: Theater Critic Has Stage Fright

If you missed my appearance with Ellis Henican yesterday on Sirius Radio's Ron Silver Show, here it is, but it's on the long side. I come in at about 10:15 to discuss the drama--and dramatic analogies--surrounding tonight's vice presidential debate. More coherent than last time, but still suffering performance anxiety; one more reason to hate actors, I guess. (Oh, come on, it's a joke.) Enjoy.

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Go back to the blog post titled, "All This Week She's Had Butterflies," and you can see her actually saying, "I love you guys!" in the Irish Pub on Walnut St.

Oh my god...oh my god you guys...

You had me at "Elle Woods."

I mean, Eliza D. was a nice shout out but...Elle...that was genius.

Kings from the East…. Part One….
October 2, 2008 by walrusdoctor
There were three Kings into the east,

Three kings both bold and high,

And they have sworn a solemn oath,

Uncle Sam should die.


Grinning like a chimpanzee just extracted from a vat of caffeine, Mahmoud the Marionette, descendant of Armenian carpet sewers from a dusty, decaying Iranian outpost, moved front and centre at the UN last week. Most of the world, used to Mahmoud’s tirades, and sympathetic to any primate likely to have his hands cut off if he doesn’t tow the party line, listened little…

Not us, however. Our fascination with the Persian poison Dwarf reached crescendo level, when, instead of sending Mahmoud back east on his magic carpet, he was invited onto the Larry King show. Mr King, three stints in jail and five wives to the good, giving him a definite morality edge, proceeded to grill Mahmoud on his holocaust denial.. Yes, not Iran’s switch to Euros, or floating of US treasuries,,,,,,, on his holocaust denial……….

Most people who understand Sharia law, and it’s consequences, know that Mahmoud does as he’s instructed. No Mahdi he, Mahmoud is one of the wretched Persian pols artificially elevated to political office, on the condition that when his centre string is pulled, he nods.

And nod he does, Mahmoud’s jangling hands, reminiscent of a Tetley tea commercial, are only outdone by his gaudy sense of style. If I see Mahmoud in one more sallow-brown jacket, I’m gonna buy shares in Asian dye companies…

Our strange fascination with Mahmoud is ridiculous, he’s not a popular guy anywhere, even back in Tehran, and if he gets out of line, his handlers, the mullahs, will quickly dispatch him off to see the Twelfth Imam…

What the rest of the world realizes only to well, is that Mahmoud is a toy, a convincing realistic one, true, but, he’s not real….Only Americans take Mahmoud seriously…..

This may seem amusing, but, not wishing to take a cynical turn the rest of world also knows, Hank the Plank is not a marionette, you tell me who’s more dangerous…..….

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