Friday Mack Attack, 10/3

rocky_steps.jpgThis week I'm macking on: Philadelphia. We're hosting a free Bruce Springsteen concert/rally for Obama on Saturday. Gary Steuer is wrapping up his first week as head of Mayor Michael Nutter's re-opened Office of Arts and Culture and the Creative Economy (that last part was added by the mayor for the office's new incarnation) even as the Wall Street economy proves how much less worthy it is of financial assistance than our artists. In Conflict is featured in this month's issue of American Theatre (I just reviewed the article's author, Krista Apple, here) going strong Off-Broadway and there are murmurs of its potential for a larger house. The 2008 Barrymore Awards for Excellence in Theatre, kick off on Monday night. And finally, I'm headed to Sarasota, Florida this weekend--host of the 2009 American Theatre Critics' Association conference--and figured as long as I'm down there, I'd  get a head start on checking out the drama scene. So what's playing at the Florida Studio Theatre? A Murder, A Mystery and A Marriage, with book and lyrics by former Arden Theatre Artistic Director Aaron Posner (the Arden will premiere Posner's new adaptation of Chaim Potok's My Name Is Asher Lev later this season) and music by Pig Iron member James Sugg, whose original production The Sea (Tom Waits fans, go on and click. The songs are very Swordfishtrombones, in a good way, and the show stands on its own.) was one of my all-time Fringe Festival favorites. And, oh yeah, didn't I hear something recently about the Phillies? So while visitors might pour on the haterade and call us fat, unfriendly, unstylish, ugly, a crappy vacation destination, dirty, noisy, dangerous and boring (things got worse for us since the last survey), all I have to say is dontcha wish your city was hot like ours?

naked clown.jpg
This week I'm hating on: Clowns. Specifically the clowns of the San Francisco Clown conservatory, who came up with this idea: a "Naked Clown Calendar" as an MS fundraiser. I know it's for a good cause and maybe you can pay the Judy Finelli Fund to not send you a calendar. Because really, this has to be the worst idea since last week's announcement of American Psycho, the Musical. Ever think about a clown's nipples? A clown's hairy belly? No? Of course not, and you know why? Because it would make you cry, not laugh. Because only John Wayne Gacy's victims had to do that, and they didn't want to. I couldn't upload any of their pictures as they're protected, and, um, they're scary. No need to thank me.

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Oh the Drama.... Try winking like the Ice Queen, you may get lucky, I hear the boss likes his women that way.....

Are you f***ing kidding me? Dissing Bruce Springsteen on my blog? Dude, my parents took me to see him on the Born to Run and The River tours. I spent my summers at the Jersey shore. I grew up in the '70s and '80s. I MADE MY BOYFRIENDS SING "WILL YOU DIE WITH ME WENDY ON THE STREETS TONIGHT IN AN EVERLASTING KISS?" OUT LOUD (AND THEY DID). I even married a Jersey boy! Respect, man, respect.

Okay. As if the circus hasn't gone on long enough , entering from the orchestra pit, The Boss...Yes, that over-anxious, social commentator from Hightstown New Jersey couldn't go the distance without opening his mouth.

The Boss is loud, in fact his concerts feature a barely audiable cacophony similar to a Swedish bar brawl, in which the tranced fool dances around like flea-bitten squirrel.

Springsteen fancies himself as a social icon, beating plough shares into swords for the under-represented masses, urging social justice, fair play... an all round good guy.

The problem with the likes of Springsteen, is he feeds off the misery of others. Were we to live in the Utopian world that this moron espouses, he would be out of work, strumming his guitar at Long Beach Island bars, or in subways, complaining of the injustices of the liberal state.......

This election is not about rallies or songs, it's about the truth. Something our bard knows little of.

The man who pinefully wails about car washes, dead end jobs, Tom Joads and other wanton waste, has never had a job, nor an empty bank account....

This election is going to be close, better watch what Hank the Plank's up to today on the hill, because, if O'Bama wins, he's gonna be blamed for Hank's crimes........I don't wish to preach, but, if our Hank gets his way, there's gonna be nothing, yes nothing, that the country can do, except buy used Springsteen CD's of course....

Follow the Wonderful Walrus Doctor..........

Thanks guys. I hope you sell a million copies, but honestly, you can keep the pictures.

Oh Wendy... why you frontin'? You know you already ordered five! Holla!

ps. we can send you pictures if you'd like.

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