Friday Mack Attack, 10/17

This week I'm macking on: Little musicals that could. Rocky Horror, Reefer Madness, Have a Nice Life, all musicals playing in and around Philadelphia recently or right now, all with a hand-stitched, bright-eyed, can-do appeal, all really unlikely candidates for success (Rocky Horror's obviously a proven entity, but it still plays like an underground hit). In any case, there's a mini-revolution happening in musical theater, led by the Off-Broadway crowd and filtering out into the provinces, of musicals that thrive on the small stage. 

I'm not talking about Songs for a New World-ish '70s throwback musicals, either. These are contemporary, fun shows that embrace camp, kitsch (yeah, I know, I was just ranting about kitsch yesterday, but this is different), and most of all, the idea that the fraught aughts are the best time to offer audiences a plain old good time. An indie theater company can't touch The Mikado, but give them A Very Merry Unauthorized Children's Scientology Pageant or Bat Boy, and you've got the makings of a great night out without bloat or baggage. Perfect for a regional theater scene like Philly's that has approximately a zillion nascent, ambitious young companies looking to make their mark in an increasingly competitive market.

This week I'm hating on: Twitter. But only because I love it so much. It's turned every moment into a meta-moment. Every Twitter tweaker sat by his/her computer Wednesday night, fingers poised and ready to rain down 140 characters of snark on anyone who'd listen... Online. 

I'm in bed with my husband watching the debate, we start riffing on Joe the Plumber and shazam, I've got the Crackberry shakes. Should I get out of bed and run downstairs to the computer to broadcast every comment that makes us chuckle (WWJTPD; Dow down, but sales of Joe the Plumber Halloween costumes up 1000%; Wonder if Joe Biden minds Joe the Plumber and Joe Sixpack joining him on the campaign), or should I make my husband get out of bed and find his Blackberry in the car so he can bring it upstairs and I can tweet our pillow talk from the lamest menage a trois ever recorded? 

I ran downstairs... But only four times. 

Below: The Brownie Song
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Oh right, I forgot to mention the other thing I'm hating on this week: blog stalkers.

Ripping the wrapper off her double-nutri, grapefruit flavoured ice pop, our ersatz heroine Wendy Woo bit deeply. Grapefruit never tasted so good, thought Wendy.

Mindlessly flicking through the channels, searching for culture, the girl with Lauren Bacall smile mused....

More theatre on TV, she thought, yes that's it.

Rushing downstairs, mind awhirl, Wendy sitched on her PC. Discovering the German word for grapefruit was Pampelmousse, she started to write a column about herself, and her love for grapefruits..... realising the friutlessness of the situation, she paused, wriggled her toes and thought that......

"The crowds of dignitaries entering the Lefka gate that day had caused a back-up, gate security under the command of the Capitoline cohort was strained....

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