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Michael Feingold, in yesterday's Village Voice seconded my contention on this blog that musicals, rather than being the "beleaguered" form Ben Brantley described in the New York Times, are experiencing a second, breezier wind. Anyway, here it is. Ironic, too, that he should cite the Cameron Mackintosh extravaganza, when the big news from his corner is that he's allowed several U.S. houses (including Philly's Walnut Street Theatre) to mount Les Miz on the condition that they--gasp--ditch the turntable and offer Monsieur Valjean la liberte at last. Even Mr. Mackintosh, it seems, is ready for a change.
May 21, 2008 11:42 AM | | Comments (1)


The history of Msr Valjean, a circumstancial thief, who rises, through personnal reflection and repentence to become a respected member of society may mirror the article.

The Arts community, after years of smug, self satified condescension, finally decided, like Hugo's hero, that cultural theft for the amusement of the elite is wrong should it not benefit.
Now like our hero Valjean, and his reluctant son-in-law Marius the aforesaid community recant their former beliefs and lack of actions, plunging into a street campaign similar to the back-drop of the novel.

Quidquid id est, timeo danaos et dona ferentes.....

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