A New ArtsJournal is coming.

cropped-ajlogored270.pngIt’s been a while since we redesigned ArtsJournal. AJ is now 14 years old, and this will be the fifth redesign. And a new content platform as well, as the site moves to WordPress. This week we’re testing the new design while I chase down bugs (for example, the site is currently loading too slowly). I’ll write more about the direction the site is taking once it launches, but for now you can see it here. We’re also rolling out new newsletters this week too, so if you’re a subscriber, let us know what you think of the new look.

UPDATE: Because we’re sending so much content in the newsletters, some mail programs aren’t displaying the whole newsletter. To see the entire newsletter, skip to the bottom and click the link that says “see the entire message.”

UPDATE II: Some of the links don’t work in the newsletters because they’re pointing to the addresses in the new site (which isn’t yet live). I’ll correct them for tomorrow.

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  1. Jeanne says

    My view is that changes are not always an improvement. This one though looks great! I like the whole format and the font and . . . . .
    However, I echo Kathleen – how to forward? Please don’t forget this detail.

  2. Allen says

    A very pretty re-design, but much less efficiently laid out. It’s no longer fast and easy for me to scan the headlines each day for the stories that interest me. For one of the text only options could you simply retain the three-column format of the main page but without the pictures? That would allow you to approach the very useful amount of information per square inch the old design offered.

  3. Michelle says

    I like the new look of the newsletter but I hate that Gmail cuts off the end! I know how to click to see the rest, but frankly it’s a pain and I’m already finding that I’m much more likely to just ignore the final sections. Maybe a slightly simpler design for the left sidebar would save the message from being clipped?

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