A New Look

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If you’re a follower of ArtsJournal blogs, you’ll notice that this blog doesn’t look the same as any of the others. That’s because I’m in the midst of redesigning all of AJ, starting with the blogs, and using my own as a beta test. It’s not just the look that’s different (and that look will continue to evolve over the next few weeks, as I work on it). I’m rebuilding the backend of AJ as well. We’re moving from the Movable Type blogging platform to WordPress.

When we moved to MT several years ago, it offered better features. But in the past year or two, WP has pushed ahead, and the recently-released WP3 is not just a blog platform, but an easy-to-use and fully-developed content management system. It will allow us to build in lots of new features.

Along with the new look and new CMS, we’re also launching several new blogs, which I’m very excited about. We’ll start rolling those out over the next few weeks. More later.

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