Voice Mail – Another Innovation Bites The Dust

I gotta admit – sometimes it’s days between times that I check my voice mail. I resent how cumbersome vm is. Way more cumbersome than texting or email.

When it was introduced in the early 1980s, voice mail was hailed as
a miracle invention — a boon to office productivity and a godsend to
busy households. Hollywood screenwriters incorporated it into
plotlines: Distraught heroine comes home, sees blinking red light,
listens as desperate suitor begs for another chance to make it all
right. Beep!

But in an age of instant information
gratification, the burden of having to hit the playback button — or
worse, dial in to a mailbox and enter a pass code — and sit through
“ums” and “ahs” can seem too much to bear.

Looks like my voicemail tardiness is common:

Research shows that people take longer to reply to voice messages than
other types of communication. Data from uReach Technologies, which
operates the voice messaging systems of Verizon
Wireless and other cellphone carriers, shows that over 30 percent of
voice messages linger unheard for three days or longer and that more
than 20 percent of people with messages in their mailboxes “rarely even
dial in” to check them

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