A New Video Age

In just about a year-and-a-half, YouTube has become the biggest website on the internet. Each day 65,000 videos are uploaded to the site. One hundred million videos are streamed from the site everyday. It's an amazing service - easy to use both as a watcher and as an uploader. People are adding video of every kind, from things they've shot themselves to current TV to classic videos. Video is … [Read more...]

The Best Culture Coverage?

I like the Guardian. Though it has a good stable of writers, its biggest strength is its editing. The Guardian is a consistently lively read day in and day out. This is a paper that isn't afraid to argue with itself. A critic might sound off on some topic one day, only to be contradicted a few days later by another critic. A day after that the head of the National Theatre is weighing in to tell … [Read more...]

But First, A Blog?

Over the past three years I have talked a couple hundred people into blogging. While I've never considered ArtsJournal itself a blog, it does satisfy one reason to blog - pointing readers towards interesting things elsewhere on the web, and I think of the skein of these stories as a curated conversation about culture and ideas. There's been an explosion in the number of blogs about culture in the … [Read more...]