How Many Make a Solo?

Amanda Loulaki and friend in her Forested. Photo: Brian Rogers

Luciana Achugar and Amanda Loulaki present new solos in New York. When is a solo not a solo?  Or perhaps the question might be this: Is a solo ever a solo—given that anywhere from two people to an audience of hundreds might be watching a supposedly solitary performer having a private experience? Luciana Achugar’s new Otro Teatro was advertised as a solo, but, in fact, it was a solo with a … [Read more...]

Asserting the Uncertain, Cooking the Rough

(L to R): Michael Ingle, Anna Adams Stark, Donna Cicchesi, and Tara O’Con in Flutter. Photo: Madeline Best

Megan V. Sprenger / MVworks at The Chocolate Factory and John J Zullo Dance/Raw Movement at St. Mark’s Church. When you’re watching Megan Sprenger’s absorbing new Flutter at the Chocolate Factory, you don’t think about butterflies poised above a blossom or birds winging to a new perch. Darker definitions come to mind: restless or uncertain movement, shivery excitement, “disturbance of the … [Read more...]

Amazons and Kaleidoscopes

Beth Gill's Electric Midwife -  Photo: Steven Schreiber

Although I often think about chocolate, I don’t think about it when I go to see a performance at the Chocolate Factory in Long Island City—unless, maybe, the dark, unsugared kind comes to mind. No scent of cacao clings to the building’s whitewashed brick interior to hint at its former status, and sweetness is only occasionally an attribute of works presented there. Whenever I ride the #7 train … [Read more...]