One Good Thing About Arizona. . .

The women of Ballet Arizona in Ib Andersen's Play. Photo Kyle Froman

Ib Andersen didn’t move to Phoenix in 2000 to become artistic director of the Arizona Ballet. According to a recent interview, when he took on the job he was already in Arizona—loving the clear light, open sky, and sere landscape, and painting in his spare time. He may not have much spare time these days. During his tenure, the company debt has been erased, the board has labored to raise money, … [Read more...]

To Dance in the Sky

Pat Catterson's To Lie in the Sky, Jesse Dunham (foreground,Timothy Emmett Ward (leaping). Photo: Steven Schreiber

At the very end of Pat Catterson’s gentle, beautifully crafted new dance, To Lie in the Sky, a voice recites the plangent opening lines of May Swenson’s “The Question”— “Body my house/ my horse my hound/ what will I do when you are fallen.” Catterson took her title from that poem’s penultimate query: “How will it be/ to lie in the sky/ without roof or door/ and wind for an eye.” These are not … [Read more...]

Take Them Disappearing

Amanda Loulaki laboring in her Untitled. Photo: Paula Court

What are we seeing? We’re seeing a woman kneel beside a large potted tree, and root around in its soil; she is nicely dressed in black pants, a ruched white top held up by tiny black straps, and high-heeled, little brown boots. That was an easy question. But, wait. How are we seeing it and through how many possible layers of meaning? (Is she cultivating the soil a bit, hunting for something—maybe … [Read more...]

Traveling The Upward Path

The cast of Akram Khan's Vertical Road. Photo: Laurent Ziegler

The sound of distant dripping fills the darkness. Lights gradually, dimly, reveal a barely discernible standing figure. Suddenly the person plunges forward against what turns out to be a translucent curtain that stretches from one side of the stage to the other. Whenever his hands or his scribbling finger or his head presses against the flexible membrane separating him from us, that part comes … [Read more...]