This goes to 11

Eleven years ago today I launched this little blog into the wilderness. I wrote stuff. I discovered smart people through comments and critiques. I shared ideas (in part to share them, and in part to make myself think clearly in a way that only writing in public can). I connected some dots.

Goes to Eleven

cc flickr Martin Kenny

Thirteen hundred and thirty posts later (this is 1331), I’ll admit that I’ve slowed quite a bit. My transition from faculty at UW-Madison to American University took some attention. The mad dash to tenure took some more (I’m honored that I was awarded a promotion with tenure starting this fall). And the deeper dive that a tenure-track appointment inspired led me to read more than I wrote, and think more than I shared.

I still feel blessed beyond reason for all the bounty this blog has provided me. And I’m still committed to keeping it going, if perhaps at a slower pace of posts. The blogosphere on the business of arts and culture is quite a bit different than when I started (thank goodness). But there’s still life in the old blog yet.

Here’s to whatever comes next!



  1. says

    Congratulations. Lucky numbers 7 and 11 (You’ve hit your 11th year in the 7th month). And congrats on getting tenured, but truthfully, they are so lucky to have you. And great to hear you’re on the board of FA. Adam has been a powerhouse. Lastly, I’m so glad you’re still blogging— and I’m still able to read!

  2. Johann Zietsman says

    Congratulations Andrew on 11, tenure, promotion and sticking-to-it! But more than that: THANK YOU for inspiring me and others over this past decade+1 with your provocative and insightful blogs. I confess I am a natural blog-resister, but I ALWAYS read yours, and almost NEVER respond – I guess that says it all about both of us! Here’s to 22!

  3. jim o'connell says

    Congratulations, my friend, and thank you for the palindrome and all the insights that comprise it. Backward and forward, you are treasured.

  4. says

    I have also just started a blog to try and collect my thoughts on where I want to go in life. I agree that it provides a great resource for clearing the mind and connecting the dots. Thank you for your posts it has helped to open up a new world of thinking about arts management – I really enjoy your posts