The social network that invented abstraction

Museum of Modern ArtLong before people poked and liked and friended each other on-line, they nudged and prodded and provoked each other in person. And a new exhibit at MoMA maps a particular social network that invented the Abstraction movement in modern art.Building on network of known connections of artists from 1910 to 1925, MoMA’s online interactive social network map lets you do some poking and prodding of your own. Did Picasso know Tzara? Did Kandinsky know Steiglitz? And how were all the artists informing each others’ explorations?

It’s a fascinating reminder that social networks aren’t new to the arts, but rather a core engine driving artists since the arts began. And it’s worth wondering how evolving media for building artist interaction will inform whatever’s next. Fun.

(thanks to information aesthetics for the link)


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    The best historical argument and visual EVER for the value of collegial interaction among artists. At Djerassi Resident Artists Program our artists arrive, leave, live and eat together. There’s a reason for this. Thanks for sharing.