My chat with Bill Ivey

As part of this fall’s special topics course I’m co-teaching at UW-Madison — Arts Enterprise: Art as Business as Art — we hosted a public forum and a class discussion with Bill Ivey, Director of the Curb Center for Art, Enterprise, and Public Policy at Vanderbilt University, former chairman of the National Endowment for the Arts, and recent leader for Obama’s transition team for arts and humanities.

Bill is working hard to reframe and refocus the realm of cultural policy from its traditional emphasis (almost exclusively) on the public and nonprofit arts. From his perspective, this frame excludes some rather important elements of our nation’s cultural life — including copyright, media ownership and consolidation, and even international trade.

During his visit to Madison, I recorded this 20-minute podcast about his current work. Give a listen (also available on the Internet Archive, or on iTunesU).