Fighting slacktivism

UNICEF vs slactivistsThe rise of ‘slacktivism’ — or the lazy person’s form of activism on social media — was already apparent in the early days of the social network world (I noticed articles about it way back in 2005). But now at least one organization sees it as an epidemic worth attacking. UNICEF has launched a campaign to nudge people who might ‘like’ them to actually support them with cash.

The campaign, discussed at The Atlantic with additional videos available through The Verge, attempts to deliver a cold splash of water to anyone thinking they make a material difference by liking and sharing online. It’s a frustrated and anxious version of something many cultural leaders likely feel as well — that having on-line friends needs to eventually lead to real-world impact.

As an exclamation point to the angst and anger, one of the videos in the campaign (included below) concludes with the statement:

”Likes don’t save lives. Money does.”



  1. Tracy Graziani says

    So I shouldn’t “like” this post then? I’m conflicted–I really like it….