Civic nap, then back to work

Flickr user Carlos Smith

After such a long, arduous, and contentious election season, we can all use a short civic nap today. Make it a power nap, at least for your individual citizen self, but before you nod off make a checklist of what your organizational self needs to do the moment you wake up.

Fortunately, Jay Dick on the ARTSblog of Americans for the Arts gives you a healthy head start on that to-do list (via You’ve Cott Mail, thanks).

Essential next steps include a congratulatory contact from a grassroots constituent of your organization, a postal letter (yes postal letter) of congratulations on your letterhead, a contact to schedule a meeting, a consideration of at least one event to invite them to in the coming months.

And yes, I know, everyone else on earth will be doing the same. But your efforts will be deeply sincere, respectful, compelling, and passionate. And, honestly, who can resist that combination.

Set your nap alarm (60 minutes, tops), and get working when it goes off.