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PEOPLE -December 1999

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  • PINTER AT 70: The playwright takes a movie role. And talks about his upcoming plays. New York Times 12/30/99 (one-time registration required for entry)

  • PEANUTS ENVY: Amid the valedictories for Charles M. Schultz and "Peanuts," a dissenting view: "No one under the age of 30 or 35 reads "Peanuts" at all. Why should they? To convey what is so magnificent about Schulzís achievement, itís necessary to look at just where his comic strip went so catastrophically wrong." New York Press 12/29/99

  • THE DOSTOEVSKY OF FRENCH FILM: "Robert Bresson made films that stood apart from the mainstream even in their day, but now seem even more distinct because of their Spartan look, spiritual content, largely nonprofessional casts and utter obliviousness to fashion." Boston Herald 12/23/99


  • New York Times account

  • THE "WORST THING THAT EVER HAPPENED TO ME": 83-year-old dance legend Bella Lewitsky has had her leg amputated. Los Angeles Times 12/22/99

  • AN AFTERNOON WITH PICASSO: One afternoon in 1943, Brassai spent an afternoon with Picasso in his house. Picasso on signing his work, on keeping tidy, on people taking his things. University of Chicago Press 12/99

  • CATCH-18? Not exactly the same ring to it, eh? Christopher Hitchens reflects on his pal Joseph Heller. How a cultural conundrum almost came up four short if not for Leon Uris. The Nation 12/21/99  

  • FILMMAKER ROMAN POLANSKI was inducted into France's Academie des Beaux Arts this week - an embrace by the French establishment. BBC 12/16/99

  • THE PAVAROTTIS IN COURT: Divorce drags on through the Italian courts. BBC 12/16/99

  • JOSEPH HELLER: "Catch 22" author has died of a heart attack. He was 76. BBC 12/13/99

  • NY Times account. London Telegraph account

  • SAY IT AIN'T SO SNOOPY: Charles M. Schultz announces his retirement, due to colon cancer. BBC 12/15/99

  • New York Times account

  • ABOUT AND BY COOKE: Two new books about and by Alistair Cooke. An interview with his biographer Nick Clarke. The Idler 12/12/99

  • RETURN TO SENDER:  A new biography of Norman Mailer is more interesting than the man himself. "Mailer was judged as an important thinker by his contemporaries, revered intellectuals among them, who praised a substantial amount of his work at the time of its publication. One must accuse them of poor judgment." New York Press 12/3/99