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PEOPLE -January 2000

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  • KURT VONNEGUT hospitalized for smoke inhalation after a fire in his Manhattan home. Boston Herald (AP) 01/31/00

  • TAKING STOCK: Author Carol Shields puts aside her struggles with cancer as she publishes a new collection of stories and finishes her biography of Jane Austen. National Post 01/31/00

  • SHE WAS BRITAIN'S GREATEST AGENT, responsible for nurturing the careers of some of the UK's best playwrights until she died in 1993. Now one of Margaret Ramsay's stable - Alan Plater - has put her onstage in a play that gets inside the head of an agent. London Telegraph 01/28/00

  • JULIE TAYMOR takes on Shakespeare's most violent play in her first major movie. Boston Globe 01/16/00

  • SORRY, IT'S STILL MR. MICK: Mick Jagger was to have been knighted New Year's Day but Tony Blair nixed the idea. London Sunday Times 01/16/00

  • LIFE AFTER DIVA: "The big roles are behind me. It's a lot of sitting in hotels. I decided I don't need this anymore," says Marilyn Horne, who said goodbye to opera in 1996 and to classical recitals in 1999." Los Angeles Times 01/14/00

  • WILL SHE REMEMBER US WHEN? Teenage singing sensation Charlotte Church was one of Britain's most talked-about, highest-paid stars (earning about 6 million) in 1999. Now she's abruptly fired her manager, the one who discovered her and helped make her a star. Legal action commences. BBC 01/13/00

  • NOVELIST ARUNDHATI ROY is arrested, then released after leading 500 demonstrators protesting the building of a dam in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. BBC 01/12/00

  • OF GODS AND MONSTERS: Pierre Boulez - champion of contemporary music and renowned conductor. A hard-liner on matters musical, in person he's one of the nicest guys in music. A sitdown chat. London Sunday Times 01/09/00 

  • PAVAROTTI CONCEDES TO THE TAXMAN: Will pay 1.6 million in back taxes to Italian government. Tax bill figured prominently in his divorce proceedings. BBC 01/05/00

  • BETWEEN HIGH ART AND HIGH SOCIETY:  John Richardson, ex-Christie's man and best known for his biography of Picasso, can claim friendship with some of the century's foremost artists - Picasso, Braque, Fernand Leger, Francis Bacon, Warhol, Freud, Ellsworth Kelly - and a considerable portion of the bold-face population of Page Six of the New York Post. Boston Globe 01/04/00

  • A PAIN IN THE... He stabbed Christa Ludwig, slugged Roberta Knie and flung Carol Vaness across the stage. Jon Vickers was a great tenor, but truly "one of the most obnoxious characters in the annals of 20th-century opera" claims a new biography. National Post 01/04/00

  • ENCOUNTERING GRAHAM GREENE: Fascinating, infuriating interactions with an erratic Greene near the end of his life. London Observer 01/02/00

  • STRAVINSKY RECONSIDERED: New biography of the composer attempts to set the record straight. Philadelphia Inquirer 01/02/00