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PEOPLE - September 1999

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  • WAS MARIO LANZA KILLED BY THE MOB? New Canadian film going into production contends Hollywood ruined singer and that he was whacked by the Mafia. Toronto Globe and Mail 9/30/99 

  • POST-MORTEM MASLIN: As Janet Maslin's NYT film critic career closes, the reviews on her begin. Salon 9/22/99

  • CONDUCTOR JAMES DEPRIEST diagnosed with kidney disease. The Oregonian 9/23/99

  • HOMETOWN HONORS: The Isle of Man is honoring three of its most famous sons - by issuing special stamps in tribute to the Bee Gees. BBC 9/23/99

  • PLAYWRIGHT AUGUST WILSON among National Humanities Medal winners.
    Seattle Times 9/22/99

  • Who said: "I was bigger than the Beatles. Bigger than Elvis. Hotter than Sinatra. Every song I recorded turned to gold?" Give up? Why did Eddie Fischer wait until 1999 to publish his autobiography? His last hit was 1956. Will anyone still care?
    San Antonio Express News 9/16/99

  • Future past: Arthur Clarke helped write "2001," inspired "Star Trek" and wrote a host of futuristic science fiction. Now he lives in Sri Lanka dreaming of the past, running his life via e-mail and fighting accusations of pedophilia. The Observer's Tim Adams tracked him down.
    The Observer (UK) 9/16/99

  • TALENTED BUT... Is there anyone who could deny Robin Williams' unique talents? So why is it so difficult to watch him? Salon 9/3/99