1. A pleasure to read this extensive and informative follow-up to the sad news of Ron Crotty’s passing. As you so often do, you’ve cast a light on the life of a musician who deserves to be recognized…and you do it so well. Thanks.

  2. The guitarist is quite the quotesmeister. In addition to the aforementioned “The Golden Striker,” there are phrases from “Summer Samba,” “Holiday for Strings,” and “Au Privave.”

  3. Ron Crotty was a very close friend of mine for over 41 years. We played lots of gigs over the years. and shared many moments over what seems like a lifetime. I saw Ron at his apartment the day before he passed away. I’m glad I had the chance to see him that evening. Ron was a very important person in my life since I was in my twenties. When we first met, I was 24 and he was 44. I played at the Oakland Museum with him every Sunday for five years. It was a bass and guitar duo. Actually, Ron was 86 years old on April 2nd. I never met anybody like him. He was one of those unforgettable characters you rarely run into in life. No doubt, Ron’s other close friends all know what I’m talking about.