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WSJ Masterpiece: The Taj Mahal, As I Saw It

Even if you have never been to the Taj Mahal, you have a picture of it in your mind, right? It’s a full frontal view, and it’s unquestionably beautiful.

But there is more to this marvelous, yes, mausoleum, and after going to India last winter, I wanted to say so and explain why. The result was published in Saturday’s Wall Street Journal–in the Masterpiece column (which I have praised  on this blog many times). It was headlined (and decked) The Taj Mahal’s Seductive Charms: As a visitor wanders the 42-acre site, this monument to love reveals itself in alluring stages.

It’s hard to find a key paragraph to quote here–my article unfolds a bit like looking at the Taj. So I post a few pictures instead–the full-frontal we know, a detail of the marble inlay, and an angled view of the dome. But click on the link to the WSJ, too–it has a marvelous sunset view that includes the adjacent Yamuna river. TajMahal



  1. Cathie Behrend says


    I do not get the wsj. Can you please imbed your two articles in your blog?
    Thank you

  2. Judith, thank you so much for reacquainting me with the stunning beauty of the Taj Mahal in your WSJ article. The picture accompanying the article was wonderful also. I was particularly struck by the beauty of the wall on the Yamuna River. One usually doesn’t see/notice it. Thank you again. Margot

  3. What an amazing place. I had no idea the site was so large and I had never heard of the plan for a black version on the other side of the river. Thank you for this descriptive tour and for sharing the photos!

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