Michael Kaiser

Michael M. Kaiser is President of the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. He has expanded the educational and artistic programming for the nation's center for the performing arts and has overseen a major renovation effort of most of the Center’s theaters. As Kennedy Center President, Mr. Kaiser is responsible for the artistic and financial health of the Center’s extensive theater, jazz, chamber music, and dance seasons as well as its affiliates the National Symphony Orchestra VSA, … [Read more...]

Lead we Must

Not-for-profit arts must lead audience taste rather than follow it. Just read the mission statements of not-for-profit arts organizations. Their missions are proactive and reflect a desire to bring a specific aesthetic, or a range of aesthetics, to their audiences. I know of no arts organization with a mission to do simply what the audience wants it to do. (Of course the mission of for-profit arts organizations is to make a profit and pandering to audience tastes is not only acceptable, it is … [Read more...]