Change We Must (As We Lead)

For a very long time the arts field resembled the companion on a road trip who said "I know the way, I'll drive." Our systems in the nonprofit part of the sector are set up so that arts organizations lead with authority and with the power to dictate much of what is consumed as art. The quality of these products is extremely important and should continue to be, so we have understandably set up our feedback systems to be responsive to their quality production and presentation. If that’s called … [Read more...]

Josephine Ramirez

Josephine Ramirez is Program Director at the James Irvine Foundation with overall responsibility for the Foundation’s Arts program. Last year under her leadership the Foundation launched a new arts strategy, refining and strengthening Irvine’s focus on arts engagement. Before joining Irvine, Josephine was Vice President of Programming and Planning for the Performing Arts Center of Los Angeles County, founding the programming department and launching several groundbreaking initiatives, including … [Read more...]