Leaders Build Lasting Relationships

Anyone can be a follower. To borrow from Tolstoy, followers are all alike; leaders are leaders in their own way. Organizations that lead set themselves apart from the rest and provide unique experiences. If we are to build organizations that survive—organizations that people want to make time to visit—then we need to lead, at least in the sense of maintaining curatorial responsibility. We all know that the public’s leisure time choices are exponentially growing and arts organizations need to … [Read more...]

Bob Harlow

Bob Harlow, PhD, develops custom research programs that help organizations identify how to engage key audiences. He has held senior and management positions at IBM and at the market research consulting groups Yankelovich Partners, RONIN, and KRC Research. He currently leads his namesake market research consulting organization, and has partnered with marketing managers and senior executives at some of the world’s largest companies and leading nonprofit organizations to build and target brands, … [Read more...]