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Caribbean music is big -- and free -- in the city's parks this summer; my City Arts column details some of the best shows. There's also music from Africa, Turkey, Syria, Brazil -- almost everywhere, as well as the good ol' USA. I'm off to teach my NYU class about "World Music," a nebulous concept, so can't report all the dates and places here/now, but check out calendars for Summerstage, River-to-River Festival, Celebrate Brooklyn, the BAM Rhythm & Blues Festival at Brooklyn's Metrotech Center, and any of the other presenters mentioned in the piece. Global sounds are, by definition, everywhere.

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Swing Journal, the magazine promoting American jazz in Japan since the end of WWII, ceases publication with its June issue. According to editor-in-chief Takafumi Mimori, "We will make efforts to revive it somehow," but the monthly publication known for its photography, articles by U.S. as well as Japanese commentators and previously robust support from electronics firms and instrument manufacturers has suffered a serious decline of advertising revenue.
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A moderate modernist with beautiful touch and exquisite taste, Hank Jones was a beacon of  gentle authority, genuine modesty and jazz grace at the keyboard. Oldest brother of the more unruly trumpeter-composer Thad Jones and drummer Elvin Jones, Hank epitomized balance, consistency and flexibility. It was a joy to be in his company, whether listening to him or speaking with him. I was lucky to interview him in tandem with pianist Geri Allen -- generations apart, but both from the Detroit area --  as published in my book Future Jazz, and to sit with him at length again in 2009 for Down Beat. Here's a photo by Enid Farber from the 2009 Jazz Journalists Association Jazz Awards of Hank with the picture of himself by Kris King that won the Award for Photo of the Year. Hank Jones with his (Kris King's) photo enid 09.jpgWhat follows is my (long) article from my 2009 interview -- with links to Amazon of some of his best albums, in case you're moved, as I hope you will be, to hear him play . . .
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