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Drummer Max Roach, (Jan 1, 1924 - Aug. 16, 2007), personified the jazz-beyond-jazz ethos: mastering the complex, nuanced art that preceded him, plunging in to create new work based on his own ideas, never abandoning that path. He was a man of social engagement as well as aesthetic convictions.

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"So Long Eric", a 5:29 jazz video break, giving one pause: Wither small group ideas now?

Charles Mingus with saxophonists Eric Dolphy & Clifford Jordan, pianist Jaki Byard, drummer Dannie Richmond, Belgium 1964 -- heroes, living. (Music comes up first-- raucous "Fables of Faubus" -- click "Watch Videos" at bottom of page)

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Sky Blue -- a web-based "fan-funded" recording project -- garners the Grammy-winning jazz orchestra leader better than half her recording (over)budget, three weeks after release. News, plus my author's edit of Down Beat's July cover story.

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Used to be jazz musicians were U.S.'s best ambassadors. Pianist Keith Jarrett's prickly reaction to ardent fans' cellphone photography as his trio walks onstage at the Umbria Jazz Festival -- see it on Youtube.com (56 secs) -- reverts to another type: ugly American.

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Introducing an occasional series about the challenges (and satisfactions?) of freelancing on the arts -- An exchange with Dr. Lewis Porter, jazz pianist, professor of music at Rutgers University (NJ) and founder/director of that school's Master's in Jazz History and Research Program (also biographer of John Coltrane, on book advances, academic vs.commercial publishers, working cheap and pressing for more.

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Great day in the mail! On The Corner, the most outre project of American master Miles Davis, is restored" in a 6-cd boxed set.This recommendation is completely unsolicited, but I'm tellin' you: his all-star jam-band stills sounds prophetic after 35 years, and even unedited it's energies are razor sharp, infinitely more exciting than most of jazz (much less pop or new music composition) today.

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Lourdes Delgado, photographer of the series "Jazz in New York: A Community of Visions", has launched a new line -- or should that be "cube"? "Geographic Portraits," collages of large format negatives, with strong reference to the Cubism of Picasso (beloved in her hometown Barcelona) and George Braques. Her first such image is on display through August 11 in the 13th Annual International Women's Exhibition at the Soho20 Chelsea Gallery -- to see the photos, click "continue reading."

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Exiled singers, dancers and musician from Sudan, that hell on earth, rallied for peace and unity at Central Park Summerstage. Greyed rockers, still rousing on oldies radio, turned Coney Island into a bit of heaven for eager oldsters. Who's curating the great free summer concerts in New York? Who's attending them?

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