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If There’s Only One Book to Read on K-12 Education, Read This One!

All the time, I run into people in the arts field who ask me to explain exactly what the hell is going on with K-12 education. Between vouchers, choice, turnaround, merit pay, alternative certification, race to the top, race to the bottom, AYP, value-added assessment, process-driven goals, backwards-mapped curriculum, and more, trying to get a handle on what all this means can conjure up one gigantic state of cognitive dissonance.So, let's say you can only deal with one book that will explain it all.This is the book for you.Run, don't walk to … [Read more...]

What We’re Up Against: The View from a School Reform Conference

I've been sitting on the idea for this entry since October. I thought the slow news day today for education would be a good time to post. That's a joke, of course, have you seen the report about school districts that have burned through their stimulus funding?Ever go to an arts education conference? Ever go to an arts conference? Let's say American for the Arts, National Performing Arts Convention, APAP, TCG, AEP, etc.Well, for a study in contrast, take a good look at this summit from last fall. It's not just the high-profile participants, but … [Read more...]

Is It Time to Throw in the Towel on Education Reform? A Speech by Checker Finn

This is a terrific bird's eye view of the kaleidoscope of education reform. Whether you agree  with his conclusion or not, it's more than worth the read.Click here to read Checker Finn's September 9th speech to Rice University's Educational Entrepreneurship Program.Hirsch wants a new K-8 curriculum, for instance. The NEA (National Education Association) wants more of what it's always wanted. Charter critics want tighter regulation. Some Republicans want greater freedom for states and parents. Some Democrats want less freedom. Arne Duncan … [Read more...]

Arts Education Should Align with School Reform. Really?

Among advocates and wannabe advocates, I have lately been hearing that arts education must align with school reform. I heard this the other day at a splendid presentation by Narric Rome of Americans for the Arts and Najean Lee of the League of American Orchestras, at the NYC Arts Education Roundtable's annual meeting. I have also come across this recently through discussions of the National Performing Arts Convention (NPAC) Arts Education working group. And certainly, it is something that's been bandied about for years. I authored and … [Read more...]

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