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What We’re Up Against: The View from a School Reform Conference

I’ve been sitting on the idea for this entry since October. I thought the slow news day today for education would be a good time to post. That’s a joke, of course, have you seen the report about school districts that have burned through their stimulus funding?

Ever go to an arts education conference? Ever go to an arts conference? Let’s say American for the Arts, National Performing Arts Convention, APAP, TCG, AEP, etc.

Well, for a study in contrast, take a good look at this summit from last fall. It’s not just the high-profile participants, but the way the agenda is written to look like it came out of West Point.

And the arts field is leery of advocacy!

Here are a few choice examples, pun intended:

Winning the International Education Arms Race: A Conversation with Jeb Bush

Allies in the International Education Arms Race

The War on Charter Schools: Combating the Emerging Threats to Public School Choice

The objective of the Excellence in Action initiatives is to
provide a roadmap for education reform for local, state and federal
leaders across the nation, creating a one-stop-shop to arm policymakers
with the tools and knowledge to achieve successful, battle-tested


  1. Bob Morrison says

    You forgot “Top Gun Teachers”!

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