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Is It Time to Throw in the Towel on Education Reform? A Speech by Checker Finn

This is a terrific bird’s eye view of the kaleidoscope of education reform. Whether you agree  with his conclusion or not, it’s more than worth the read.

Click here to read Checker Finn’s September 9th speech to Rice University’s Educational Entrepreneurship Program.

Hirsch wants a new K-8 curriculum, for instance. The NEA (National Education Association) wants more of what it’s always wanted. Charter critics want tighter regulation. Some Republicans want greater freedom for states and parents. Some Democrats want less freedom. Arne Duncan wants to transform the lowest 5 percent of schools. A bunch of people are obsessed with 21st Century skills. The Gates Foundation wants more people to go to college. McKinsey wants us to be more like Singapore. There’s simply no consensus here. Instead there are cracks, rifts and faults, lines in many directions

Click here to read more about Checker Finn.


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