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American Teacher Magazine on Arts Education: Part Two

Last month the American Teacher Magazine, which has a circulation of over one million, had a cover story on arts education. 
They have followed-up on the cover story, with a series of pieces submitted by educators from across the country, about the value of arts education.

Click here to read the March/April edition of the American Teacher and its follow-up story on arts education in America.

I have been told by sources, that the response by teachers to the January/February cover story on arts education, was the largest in years, as measured by the number of letters written to the editor.

When American Teacher put out the word in November that we were preparing a feature article on art and music education for our February issue, dozens of outstanding educators contacted us. Many told us how the arts enrich the lives–and improve the academic performance–of the students they teach. Here are just a few of the stories.

Although Niles North High School in Skokie, Ill., doesn’t offer a course in music recording and engineering, Dan Gregerman teachers those skills anyway. Teaching students how to mix audio have become part of his electronic music class and vocal jazz program, the choral director says.

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