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Guest Blog, Nick Rabkin: The Three Horsemen of Arts Education

It makes me happy to welcome back my good pal Nick Rabkin to Dewey21c.  --RK The Three Horsemen of Arts Education by Nick Rabkin       I’ve done research on teaching artists for the last three years—from Boston to San Diego—at NORC at the University of Chicago.  (My report is available for download at NORC’s website.)  The creativity, commitment, and accomplishment of many, many TAs has impressed me, and I’ve been encouraged by growing efforts in many communities to develop arts education more … [Read more...]

A Shot To The Foot: How The Arts Ed Field Can Be Its Own Worst Enemy

I have been meaning to write about this these two horribly disappointing Opininator posts in The New York Times: Beyond Baby Mozart, Students Who Rock, by David Bornstein Rock is Not The Enemy, by David Bornstein For about as long as I have been in this field, which is longer than I would now like to admit, I have witnessed the unfortunate tendency for us to shoot ourselves in the foot. It could be the arguments of discipline-based versus integration, it could be residencies versus field trips, aesthetic versus creative, blah, blah, … [Read more...]

Guest Blog, Jane Remer: A Paradox, A Paradox, A Most Ingenious Paradox –The Common Core of State Standards and The Untamable Core of the American Class System

Jane Remer’s CliffNotes: September 29, 2011 “A Paradox, A Paradox, a Most Ingenious Paradox” (Pirates of Penzance/Gilbert and Sullivan), The Common Core of (Voluntary) State Standards and the Untamable Core of the American Class System. The 21st Century is young, but it’s clearly becoming a paradox. The now developing Common Core meticulously charts the paths and spirals (but not the contents) for English Language Arts and Math, K-12. Many states are engaged in developing assessments (process and implementation, not content) aligned to … [Read more...]

A Favorite Arts Ed Video: The Mural Project at JHS256

I have always been fond of project-based learning. And this mural project is one true exemplar. The opportunities for many to be engaged in a multi-year arts project, that combines youth development, art, music, history, social studies, literacy, and more. Not to mention, it's a stunning work. Click on over to this YouTube video, and pass the link along to your friends. A Mural of Mythic Proportions … [Read more...]

A Interesting Conference Session on Arts Education and Equity

For anyone attending WNET's The Celebration of Teaching and Learning, tomorrow through Saturday, at The New York Hilton, I hope you will consider stopping by.I mean, how often do you get a rising star principal, a teachers union leader, and a member of the governing board for state education policy in one room together talking about arts education? A WELL-ROUNDED EDUCATION IN THE AGE OF HIGH STAKES ACCOUNTABILITY - IS THERE REALLY TIME AND SPACE FOR THE ARTS? March 19th, 8:30-9:45 am, New York Hilton   School leaders face greater pressure … [Read more...]

Arts Teachers As Endangered Species

Okay, I know, this makes two posts in a row about cuts to arts education. It is, as the Mark Knopfler song goes: "It's what it is."In this case, it's an old and quite sore subject. And yes, it's a subject that makes me angry and eager for new city leadership. For all of those who tell me I should be more guarded, sorry.In what many still argue is the arts capital of the world, the public school system can't find a way to provide a minimum of one year of arts education for all middle school students.While real education leaders like Michael … [Read more...]

15% Cut Projected for Arts Teachers in NYC

After a historic rise in spending for public education since 2003, during which time the New York City public school budget rose from $12.7 billion to $23 billion, where at last count 22% of schools lacked even one single certified teacher of the arts, where there was a 31% reduction in spending on cultural partnership and a 68% reduction on arts supplies, all preceding the great recession of 2008, we are now looking at a projected cut of 15% of arts and physical education teachers in the New York City public schools TweetArt, gym, music and … [Read more...]

All The Noise: Cathie Is The New Black

It's been about three weeks since my last entry. That makes this little hiatus the longest one by far since I started Dewey21C in July 2009. Let there be no doubt that a lack of entries severely depresses the number of visitors to a blog site, not that I am counting mind you!So, what exactly has been going on, some of you may wonder? Some of you may not care. For those in the latter category, come back next entry.My little break has been partly due to workload and partly due an unanticipated period of reflection. There is just to so much to … [Read more...]

Arts and Social Justice: The Genuine Article

[Read more...]

What do Children Need the Most?

A number of years back I was fortunate to attend a two-day conference on Arts, Technology, and Intellectual Property at Columbia University's American Assembly.  At the time I was working for the American Music Center, so the topic was something I had a vested interest in. As with most conferences, there was the introductory moment early on, where everyone in turn says a little something about who they are and why they are interested in the matter at hand. It's the let's go around the room and say a few words about ourselves moment.I have … [Read more...]

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