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American Teacher Magazine on Arts Education: Part Two

Last month the American Teacher Magazine, which has a circulation of over one million, had a cover story on arts education.  They have followed-up on the cover story, with a series of pieces submitted by educators from across the country, about the value of arts education.Click here to read the March/April edition of the American Teacher and its follow-up story on arts education in America.I have been told by sources, that the response by teachers to the January/February cover story on arts education, was the largest in years, as measured … [Read more...]

The Counter-Intuition of Advocacy

Consider these three points: 1. The school district leader says that the overall school budget is increasing each year, and not to worry. And yes, it's true: more money was allocated to education in the city budget.2. The existence of generally supportive school district officials and government leads to increased arts budgets and administrative capacity within the district arts office. 3. Overall, things seem to be improving. Looking at these three real occurrences, it's easy to see how building work in arts education advocacy would become a … [Read more...]

The Third Annual NYCDOE Arts in the Schools Report: Cognitive Dissonance

This week the NYCDOE released its third Annual Arts in the School Report. Along with about thirty colleagues primarily from the arts field, I attended the report presentation at the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs.The document itself must be applauded for all the work that went into it. In this difficult economy, the mere existence of this report must be given its due. The point of this blog entry is to push the NYCDOE to dig deeper, for the sake of our students and their families.If you want to read the really good news, here's … [Read more...]

What Makes for A Positive or Negative School Culture?

Ed in the Apple is a blog that I've been reading since it first started a few years ago. My understanding is that the blog is associated with someone at the United Federation of Teachers. It's a very good blog in terms of giving a feel for what's going on from a teacher's perspective, and yes, to some degree from a teacher's union perspective. But, it's not all dogma, really. It very often takes the long view, bringing a rare historical perspective to the writing. And, it's pretty hard hitting. While there are certainly any number of blogs that … [Read more...]

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