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December 11, 2005

What's going on here...

by diacritical
For one week (Dec 12-16, 2005) we've asked a group of people with a keen interest in the dance world to come together online and debate. They'll be posting every day and we invite readers to join the conversation. Reader posts will be accessible by a link at the bottom of each blog entry, at the bottom of this side column, and we'll also excerpt reader comments in the main part of the blog. The intent of this discuassion, as in all AJ topic blogs ...
... is to debate ideas, in the belief that vigorous public discourse makes for a stronger culture. Our bloggers were chosen as sparks to that discourse. They don't represent all points of view. They are not intended to represent all points of view. Rather, they are people we believe will provide a strong beginning to a smart debate. In previous AJ blog events, some of the most insightful (and inciteful) participation has come from readers, and we expect the same to happen here. I'd like to thank Bob Yesselman from Dance/NYC for his help in suggesting this debate, and several others, including Andrea Snyder of Dance/USA and Diane Ragsdale of the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation for their help.

Posted by mclennan at December 11, 2005 3:08 PM


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