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Beggar Blogger: Please Support CultureGrrl UPDATED

UPDATE 11/30: For some reason, my “Donate” button stopped working earlier today, which I discovered after wondering why last night’s flood of responses (thanks so much!) had stopped cold today. ArtsJournal‘s tech gurus have now vanquished the gremlins. If your attempt contribute was thwarted, please try again (after reloading my blog page).

Since losing my decades-long Wall Street Journal freelance gig at the end of last year (after expressing my dismay over the WSJ’s reduction in art coverage), I’ve been focusing on my CultureGrrl commentary and on my three wonderful grandchildren, the oldest of whom, at four-and-a-half, has already become an astute critic. (“This is not a science show,” he observed to me, when it became clear that the educational content was a flimsy pretext for an impressive juggling act.)

For those of you who have appreciated my juggling various stories here this year, let me direct your attention to the blog’s righthand column, where you’ll notice the reappearance of my PayPal buttons. If you are not tapped out by Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Giving Tuesday, please consider supporting CultureGrrl on Freelance Wednesday (or whatever you’d like to call it): Click my “Donate” button to contribute any amount, as a one-off or on a monthly basis.

You can also click my “Buy Now” button to purchase an autographed copy of my book, “The Complete Guide to Collecting Art,” Knopf. It could use updating, but the eternal verities still hold. And it includes insights from my interviews with everyone from Leo Castelli to Paul Mellon.

CultureGrrl contributors of $10 or more will be added to my email list for links to future commentary, as soon as it’s posted.

For those of you who have given in the past, please consider re-upping. To those are still monthly contributors, please accept my deep thanks for your continued support.

UPDATE: Immediately after I posted this, my first two (generous) contributors clicked “Donate”—one a new donor; the other a re-up. A good start!

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