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Virago in Chicago: Winging to the Modern Wing


If all goes according to plan, my plane will be taking off at noon tomorrow to transport me to the (very) Windy (and thunderstorm-y) City, to cover (for the Wall Street Journal) the opening of the Art Institute of Chicago’s Renzo Piano-designed Modern Wing. The last time I was in Chicago, I was researching a WSJ story about the difficulties then confronting the now defunct Terra Museum of American Art. Some of the Terra Foundation’s collection is now shown at the Art Institute.

I’ve never even seen The Bean! (I hope they’ve been able to repair a recent act of vandalism.)

When I return, I’ll be restricted by the WSJ Gag Rule: I can’t blog (or even post an irreverent photo essay!) about the Art Institute until my story is published. They’re paying me, art-lings; you’re not (with a few very notable and much appreciated exceptions).

Speaking of which: Many thanks to CultureGrrl Donors 38 and 39, from Belmont, MA, and Miami, as well as to my first REPEAT donor, from Boston. The latter took to heart my exhortation to “vote early and often”! (Isn’t that a Chicago thing?)

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