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A Bit of Housekeeping: Future CultureGrrl Alerts for Donors

On Tuesday evening, I sent an e-mail blast to those of you who have donated to the blog, to let you know that I will be sending you e-mail notifications of future postings, now that I’m slowing down the pace of my additions. If you donated and did not receive the message that I sent, please let me know by clicking the “Contact Me” link in the middle column. I think I got everyone, but just in case…

If you haven’t donated, you can, of course, still do so now (or next week or next year…). Feel free to vote early and often. A donation of $5 or more will get you on my list for post alerts.

Rest assured that I’m not stopping the blog, just pulling back a bit as I devote more time to other projects. Please stay tuned!

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