Chickens, Eggs, and Movie Audiences

It was a throwaway line in Bob Mondello's NPR summer-movie preview yesterday, but it was so devoid of critical thinking that it still grates: "Because young men make up a huge proportion of the summer movie audience, there are always hot-weather, male-centric comedies."

Or could it be that because there are always hot-weather, male-centric comedies, young men make up a huge proportion of the summer movie audience?

Chicken? Egg?

Give young women something to see, and they'll go in droves, too. Just a suggestion.
May 26, 2009 12:06 PM | | Comments (2)


"Hollywood continues to pay no attention," JHD notes, and neither do most critics, the vast swath of whom are content to feast on smorgasbords of crap, rather like Templeton the rat in "Charlotte's Web." Mondello, despite his pretensions, does not escape this group.

You are absolutely correct on this! But Hollywood continues to pay no attention, alas.


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