The BIG Women in #publicart

As Ursula von Rydingsvard  installed her “Ona” (“Woman” in Polish) at the new sports and entertainment coliseum in Brooklyn, NYC, last week, I wondered about the giant sculptures of women in our public spaces.  Please send me more images.

Some of the work by von Rydinsvard, Marialusia Tadei and Miro required the title before any mental connection can be made to women.  Hirst and Quinn present a woman by mixing classic art icons and contemporary scientific curiosity.  Ryder and Fry invent new mythical forest creatures.  Mueck and Voss imply a non-sexual female nakedness in ways similar to a film.  Jencks and Johnson are just bad art.  The female artists made the abstract or mythical.  The male artists made the provocative, scientific, filmic and awful.  Do any of these help me know and understand today’s woman?  Are we mute?  Are we afraid to make an opinion about the female of our species?

Thanks to Leslie Fry, here are a few more public works.

Mark Quinn made her even bigger in Venice this year.  An inflatable.


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  1. says

    Thank you for including my “Pining” sculpture! Here are some other women artists who have created public sculptures of women: Audrey Flack, Nikki de St. Phalle, Alyson Saar, Judith Shea. When I think of others, I’ll write again.