Architects as Sculptors: J-Mayer-H versus Ensamble Studio

Last week, I planned to argue for Ensamble Studio as the better method to be a sculptor as as an architect.   Ensamble feels the weight and balance of materials.  J-Mayer-H draws shapes in space.  And J-Mayer-H shapes are crude, arbitrary lines.  Ensamble strives for a tactile, spatial emotion.  With J-Mayer-H, the space is merely the leftover area inside the form.  One is intimate.  The other does not care.

Is my thinking locked by Kenneth Frampton in my head?  Is my job to advocate for tactile intimacy?  Can I escape my boomer preconceptions and feel something new?  Is new over for me?

Ensamble Studio, Spain

Ensamble Studio, Spain

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  1. Bruce Halpin says

    I’m not sure on what I comment, however, if the question is photos on left or right, I would go with right.