L3C’s in the arts (updated with citation info)

no future?I have a new working paper up on L3C’s in the arts, which you can download for free here. If you were there, it’s the paper I presented at Social Theory, Politics and the Arts in Seattle last October, cleaned up and revised.

The abstract:

Traditionally, the choice of organizational form facing an arts entrepreneur has been between starting a commercial enterprise or a nonprofit. Recently, state governments across the United States have passed authorizing legislation for various forms of hybrid organizations that combine elements of the commercial and nonprofit. This paper presents an overview of the evolution of hybrid organizations, and the associated policy and governance questions that arise. It concludes that hybrids, at least in their current state, do not present a model likely to be widely adopted in the arts.

UPDATE: The article has now been published, so if you want an up-to-date citation, it is Michael Rushton, “Hybrid Organizations in the Arts: A Cautionary View” Journal of Arts Management, Law, and Society 44(3) (2014): 145-52.


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