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Archives for June 2013

Youth in Bloom

To call the School of American Ballet “selective” is an amusing understatement.  It’s the training ground in the U.S. for potential professional classical dancers (who must, of course, begin on the path as children) and the alma mater of a majority of the performers in the New York City Ballet. School of American Ballet Workshop Performances:  Jordan Miller and Alejandro Ocasio in George Balanchine’s Divertimento No. 15 Photo:  Paul Kolnik The academy draws students who show basic potential for the trade to which they aspire in anatomy, … [Read more...]

Keeping Count

In Creases does well enough as a title for Justin Peck’s latest work for the New York City Ballet because you understand the reference to arithmetic in the punning title.  And Peck—on whom the company may be pinning its choreographic hopes—keeps to his subject matter doggedly by manipulating his eight dancers.  Grouping and regrouping, they make you pay keen attention to the shifting clusters’ numbers.  Still the ballet’s title doesn’t arouse much excitement or joy; neither—alas—does the choreography. Robert Fairchild in Justin Peck's In … [Read more...]

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