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Archives for October 2011

Starting Over

Morphoses / Joyce Theater, NYC / October 25-30, 2011 Remember Morphoses, the ambitious start-up company Christopher Wheeldon cavalierly abandoned after just three years in 2010, leaving the troupe's co-founder, Lourdes Lopez, to pick up the pieces? Last night, at the Joyce, it concluded the six-day run of its rebirth. If Bacchae, an hour-long piece by the Italian choreographer Luca Veggetti that constituted its sole offering, is any indication, we may have witnessed a second round of death throes. Scattershot: Frances Chiaverini in … [Read more...]

Tasting Menu

Fall for Dance / City Center, NYC / October 27 - November 6, 2011 The price of just about everything is escalating--food, college, shoes, diamonds, you name it. Yet one thing in New York has kept to its bargain rate. Tickets to the annual Fall for Dance festival at the newly refurbished City Center are still just $10 each. From October 27 through November 6 this year the Festival has offered two performances each of five different shows, each of them contrasting four soloists or groups of very different stylistic persuasions. Dance veterans … [Read more...]


Necessary Weather / Baryshnikov Art Center: Jerome Robbins Theater, NYC / October 27-29, 2011 Light--silent and impalpable--is almost essential to theatrical dance. Jennifer Tipton has been its master for over four decades, creating atmospheric marvels for drama and opera as well. In 1994 she dared to ask herself, What if light were not just a significant accompanying element but a star player in the show? The answer became Necessary Weather, in which she collaborated with two distinguished postmodern dancers, Dana Reitz and Sara Rudner, for … [Read more...]

After You’re Gone

The Forsythe Company / BAM Howard Gilman Opera House, Brooklyn, NY / October 26 - 29, 2011 I've always shared George Balanchine's idea that a dance should speak for itself. William Forsythe certainly doesn't. At BAM last night The Forsythe Company, based in Germany, opened a four-day run of his enigmatically titled work I don't believe in outer space, created in 2008. Vigorously applauded by a largely pre-middle age audience, it would have remained as impenetrable to me as its title, had I not read the reviews and previews from its earlier … [Read more...]

City Center’s Makeover

New York City Center Opening Night Gala / New York City Center, NYC / October 25, 2011 City Center renovated, view from house left Photo: © Aislinn Weidele / Ennead Architects Last night's celebration of the renovation and restoration of the New York City Center assured the theater's aficionados of dance, music, and drama that they would still be spared having to "walk a mile for a camel." Before it became an arts center "for the people" (meaning affordable), the building, called the Mecca Temple, was a center for the Ancient Arabic … [Read more...]

Message to Readers

As E.B. White's famous mouse observed, "There are always so many worth-while things going on in New York at night." Beginning OCT 25, I'll be in a different theater every night for nearly a week and still miss performances I consider must-sees. I plan to write a brief review of each event that will post shortly after its performance. I won't have time to send the usual e-alert on each posting to my subscribers, but hope all my readers will have a look at SEEING THINGS on a daily basis, starting OCT 26. … [Read more...]

The Farrell Dilemma

Suzanne Farrell Ballet / Joyce Theater, NYC / October 19-23, 2011 Suzanne Farrell Photo: Paul Kolnik The Suzanne Farrell Ballet, named for the transcendent dancer who was George Balanchine's last muse, celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. Ironically, after a decade of generously favorable response to the group's work, some observers are questioning the wisdom of the enterprise's very existence. Sarah Kaufman, the Washington Post's Pulitzer Prize-winning dance critic, sums up the situation clearly in her review of the troupe's … [Read more...]

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