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Archives for February 2011

Jam Yesterday

Paul Taylor Dance Company / City Center, NYC / February 22 - March 6, 2011 Year after year, Paul Taylor can be counted on to create a pair of new dances--one light (such as the luminous Aureole, from 1962) and one dark (like the 1985 Last Look, which portrays the human race at the horrifying and undeniably convincing end of its rope). The first of the pair of works new to New York shown in his company's current engagement (February 22 - March 6, at City Center), sported the Edward Gorey-ish title Three Dubious Memories. Presumably this was … [Read more...]

On the Steps: Personal Indulgences No. 20

FIRST MEMORY My first memory of steps dates back to my childhood--extreme infancy, to be exact. Science tells us we don't remember the earliest part of life, and no one I know has ever claimed to. So what makes me think that I can remember--actually feel again--the slow bump, bump, bump as my beloved Aunt Ann, my mother's elder sister, cradling me carefully in her arms, descended to the street via the front steps of the hospital in which I'd been born just a few days before? Friends tell me I must have made up that memory a few years later, … [Read more...]

Show Biz

New York City Ballet: Susan Stroman's For the Love of Duke / David H. Koch Theater, Lincoln Center, NYC / January 28, 30M, February 3, 4, 5M, 6M, 2011 For reasons that still remain unfathomable to me, New York City Ballet commissioned yet another piece from Susan Stroman, the choreographer who has won every award in the book for her Broadway productions. (If they invented a Pulitzer prize for choreography, I bet she'd be the first to snare it.) The new item, Frankie and Johnny . . . and Rose, given its premiere on January 28, is now … [Read more...]

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