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Archives for February 2010

Looky! — Three by Morris

Mark Morris Dance Group / BAM Howard Gilman Opera House, Brooklyn, NY / February 23-27, 2010 Imagine a dance so cool, calm, and exquisite, it seems unreal--a vision from some empyrean realm. The music, deliberately free from dramatic emphasis, is Eric Satie's 1918 three-part Socrate, in the version for piano and voice, here with Colin Fowler at the keyboard and the tenor Jean-Paul Fouchécourt singing--almost as if he were speaking dispassionately--the text derived from Plato's dialogues. The dance, a perfect echo of the score's subtlety … [Read more...]

Pick-Up Danish: Personal Indulgences No. 17

On Christmas morning last year, I walked the reservoir track in New York's Central Park, since the gym was, naturally, closed for you-know-who's birthday. Hundreds of people, most of them armed with cameras, were strolling around the loop in the delicious sunshine. Few of them were speaking English. I stopped to chat with a family of Danes who were typically unaffected, friendly, and charming. Ten minutes after our conversation, I realized I had been using the wrong word for and. Well, my Danish is admittedly rusty, but with a little … [Read more...]

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