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Archives for December 2009

Wizards of Oz

Chunky Move: Mortal Engine / BAM Howard Gilman Opera House / December 9-12, 2009 Chunky Move, founded in 1995 and still led by Gideon Obarzanek, comes to us from Down Under, or Oz, as some people call Australia. Chunky Move in Mortal Engine Photo: Julieta Cervantes The troupe's name indicates its original purpose--to invent dance productions that contrast with the rarefied artifice and elegance of ballet. (Originally trained in that classical genre, Obarzanek, who masterminds the group's works, is decidedly in recovery.) Of … [Read more...]

A Tale of Two Nutcrackers

By Christopher Caines, guest contributor Imagine that Sol Hurok had telephoned the director of a slightly down-at-heel, raggle-taggle, time-traveling vaudeville troupe one day and said, "Parker! Listen: I need a Christmas show! A Nutcracker! Pronto! My Russians canceled. I can get you a couple weeks of one-nights. If you deliver, maybe we can make it an annual thing. Can you do it?" Members of the Bang Group in Nut/Cracked Parker looks around the studio. The troupe has a ragbag assortment of old props--some beat-up top hats and … [Read more...]

You Are What You Wore: Personal Indulgences No.16

It isn't easy, trying to buy clothes now that the years have beset the body with flaws. You can't find garments that cover all of them except, of course, a shroud. But not yet. Sometimes I think I should wear one of those Asian or African or Indian outfits that simply swathe you in fabulous fabric. Then all I'd have to do is develop an undulating walk for allure. The clothes of my childhood were a different matter. Some of them were memorable for the pleasure they gave me, others because they--I really mean this--left permanent aesthetic … [Read more...]

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