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Archives for September 2009

Dancing Without Motion

Often the visual arts will make a dance fan feel he or she is in the presence of dancing that doesn't move through space and time, but is dancing nonetheless, or at least its cousin. The actual dance pickings seemed slim this year, as summer slid into autumn. This is often the case, but never fear; we're already beginning to be bombarded with choices. Still I thought I'd grant myself a busman's holiday and see what the picture people were up to. The ambitious exhibitions at the grandest museums have long runs, so shows that I missed during this … [Read more...]

Dr. Bill: Personal Indulgences No. 15

My father was a doctor, a general practitioner--G.P.--as his type was called back then when it was very common. Regular patients called him "Dr. Bill," instinctively combining honorific with nickname to indicate their respect and affection. At the age of 12 he had emigrated from Russia to the States with his mother and siblings, his father having preceded them. His name is listed in the archives at the Ellis Island Museum: "William S. Bernstein, Russian (Jewish)." His first job in America was driving a laundry truck. Needless to say, he was … [Read more...]

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