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Archives for April 2009

Grand Old Master

Merce Cunningham Dance Company: Nearly Ninety / BAM Howard Gilman Opera House, NYC / April 16 - 19, 2009 Merce Cunningham Photo: Mark Seliger Yesterday, April 16th, was Merce Cunningham's 90th birthday. Long may he wave! The event was celebrated at the BAM Howard Gilman Opera House with the world premiere of his new full-evening piece, Nearly Ninety. It's only natural that the viewer would attribute a futuristic mindset to the piece--exploring space, because of the scenery, and a subtextual reminder of the Heaven that awaits … [Read more...]

Why I Live in New York: Personal Indulgences No. 13

Why I live in New York. New York City, that is. Manhattan, to be exact. Dirty. Dangerous. Expensive (so much so today that people who once thought of themselves as middle class now fear they're only a few ladder-rungs above the have-nots. And the number of have-nots is heart-rending. But still . . . I was born and raised in Brooklyn, in a neighborhood and time suited only to people with a deep tolerance--or even need--for boredom. (Boredom precludes risk and can be very soothing.) I was not one of them. Even before I had two numbers to my … [Read more...]

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