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Archives for March 2008

Unhooked: Personal Indulgences No. 7

I've always thought of myself as an addictive personality, but life is forever proving me wrong. Take alcohol, for instance. My father--himself only a social drinker, and not much of one at that--introduced me to an occasional dab on the tongue of very good scotch when I was a mere child, so that, as he put it in his raspy voice, I wouldn't make a fool of myself when I got older. The Scotch tasted foreign and, in the parlance of my tender years, yucky. At the same time it seemed one of the accoutrements of the adult world, a realm I aspired … [Read more...]

Morris Sends Sexy Dancers, Frigidaire to Camelot

This article originally appeared in the Culture section of Bloomberg News on March 7, 2008. March 7 (Bloomberg) -- ``King Arthur,'' John Dryden's 1691 play in rhymed couplets, isn't worth keeping, according to Mark Morris, but the songs Henry Purcell provided for it, with lyrics by the playwright, are beguiling. So, for his production at the New York City Opera, the choreographer junked the spoken text (and therefore the plot, not to mention the king, who is represented only by a gimcrack crown). Morris's ``vaudeville,'' as he calls … [Read more...]

Macho Men, Virgins Float Through Taylor’s Dream Dances

This article originally appeared in the Culture section of Bloomberg News on March 6, 2008. March 6 (Bloomberg) -- Paul Taylor's latest pair of ballets, ``De Suenos'' (Of Dreams) and ``De Suenos que seRepiten'' (Of Recurring Dreams), reflect a passion for Mexico that dates back to his devil-may-care teens, when he first toured the country on a bicycle. The dances, set to an aural kaleidoscope of Mexican music and street noise, are being performed in the Taylor company's current New York City Center season. Taylor meshes the phantasmagorical … [Read more...]

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