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Archives for January 2008

Armitage Dancers in Sex Battle; Bigonzetti’s `Sea’

This article originally appeared in the Culture section of Bloomberg News on January 24, 2008. Frances Chiaverini and Matthew Branham perform in "Connoisseurs of Chaos" on Jan 21, 2008. Photographer: Julieta Cervantes/Joyce Theatre via Bloomberg News Jan. 24 (Bloomberg) -- In the hourlong ``Connoisseurs of Chaos,'' the final installment of choreographer Karole Armitage's ``Dream Trilogy,'' six figures twist and angle the postures of classical ballet into a with-it postmodern language. Set to Morton Feldman's spare ``Patterns in a Chromatic … [Read more...]

Wal-Mart Heiress Funds First-Rate Dancers in Trendy Ballets

This article originally appeared in the Culture section of Bloomberg News on January 15, 2008. Cedar Lake dancers Acacia Schachte, Oscar Ramos, back, and Jon Bond perform on Dec. 21, 2007. Photographer: Paul B. Goode/GRW Advertising via Bloomberg News Jan. 15 (Bloomberg) -- Four men and five women are dressed unisex-style, eyes heavily outlined in black, all in stiff, strapless, brief-skirted dresses decorated to suggest spring burgeoning. They shudder, run rampant, scuttle about as if sensing what's coming -- sex, presumably -- and finding … [Read more...]

The Dress: Personal Indulgences No. 6

It happened in Copenhagen. Hans Christian Andersen tells us that magic and imagination flourish on Danish soil, and the tourism industry builds on that proposal at every turn. My own frequent visits to Wonderful Copenhagen and its environs--for work and play--make me suspect there's some truth in the idea. One Friday, many summers ago, the Danish friend with whom I was staying told me about an upcoming weekend fair of vintage items (one of my fatal passions) and offered to drive me out there--god knows where, to hell and gone--in her zippy … [Read more...]

Jock Soto: Sightings

Dancer Jock Soto. Photo by Paul Kolnik. On Water Flowing Together, Gwendolen Cates's film biography of Jock Soto: "There's an honesty about it that is both innocent and powerful. Like Dan Geller and Dana Goldfine's 2005 Ballet Russes, this film is fueled by simple truths about what it is to be human." On Soto's partnering class at the School of American Ballet: "Without words, he hoists one of the girls--a bantam-weight, granted--to his shoulder, where she sits, elegantly poised in the air while he walks forward, as if on a stroll in the … [Read more...]

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